Frequently Asked Questions

I've already paid. How do I register?

If you have already purchased your adventure you will need a registration code. Some tickets come with specific registration instructions so please check your email for payment confirmation and follow the directions in the email. This could be your ticket or order number or a voucher or redemption code. Select your location and follow the registration and purchase process to the payment page where you will enter and apply your code. If you are having any difficulty with the process, click below for assistance from our AI support bots.
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What is VIP Access?

For a limited time we are offering customers an opportunity to buy VIP Access. For the cost of two adventures your entire team has a full twelve months of unlimited entry to all of our US adventures. Please note that only one adventure can be active at a time so each adventure must be completed before registering for a new one. VIP Access cannot be transferred and is not available as a gift purchase. To purchase VIP access click the button below and select your first adventure location.
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How do I purchase this as a gift?

Gift certificates are valid for 12 months at any of our locations for any of our standard adventures. To purchase a gift certificate click the gift button below and enter your e-mail and payment information. The gift certificate will be immediately e-mailed to you and can then be printed out and/or forwarded to the recipient.
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What different types of adventures do you offer?

Our standard puzzling adventures can be enjoyed over a few hours and are suited to all ages.

Our epic puzzling adventures are the same format as our standard puzzling adventures, but involve more distance and more questions and so are better suited to adults, active people and anybody up for a challenge.

Our drinking adventures are for over 21 only. They follow exactly the same format as our standard walking adventures. The only difference is that you will be entering breweries, wineries, or bars. Alcohol is not included, but should be purchased at each location you visit. These adventures usually take at least a few hours to complete. We also offer our Booze 'n' Brains Interactive Drinking Games which can be played anytime, anywhere.

Our haunted puzzling adventures are the same format as our standard puzzling adventures, but with horror themed content. Recommended for adults only.

Select a location to see which types of adventures are available there.
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What experiences have your customers had?

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How long should I allow for the adventure?

A typical adventure takes around two hours (actual time, not game time) depending on your pace and fitness, but estimated times are listed for each adventure before you purchase. There is no time limit and you can even stop and return another day.
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How will I be traveling?

Our adventures are based in particular neighborhoods and will be almost entirely outdoors so please check your local weather. All routes are designed for walking and no other form of transportation will be needed unless explicitly noted in the adventure description. Please bear in mind that you are interacting with the real world so always be courteous, considerate and safe.
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What sort of puzzles will there be?

Our puzzles are mostly easy to solve with an occasional difficult one. Sometimes you will be asked questions about information that you can discover by searching the location you are at. Sometimes the answers will be in the text or photograph you are given. There may be word puzzles, math puzzles, lateral thinking puzzles, or anything that requires a little brain power. If you get stuck, you can search the Internet, call a friend, ask a passerby for help or just skip the question completely. You will always be able to continue.
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What should I bring?

Your Internet connected mobile device is your only necessity. Make sure it is fully charged. A backup mobile device or battery, pen and paper, water, snacks, and comfortable shoes are recommended. You will not need to spend any money to complete the adventure unless specifically noted in the adventure description.
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Where exactly does the adventure start and finish?

Unless specifically noted in the adventure description, the start and finish are at the same location. The start location for each adventure is given on the Locations page. It is also included in your purchase confirmation e-mail. When you login to play it will also be available by clicking the map icon on the pre-game instructions. The pre-game instructions typically provide recommendations for nearby parking or public transportation.
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What happens at the start?

The adventure usually begins at the recommended parking location, so even if you didn't park there, make your way to the specified start location before starting the game clock. This is a self-guided adventure so you can play any time on any day, but nobody will be there to meet you. You may see other teams along the way, but they may have started before or after you and you won't know who is ahead until you complete the adventure and view the Results page!
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Which devices are supported?

You can use any Internet capable mobile device with web access. Note: Currently all our adventures require web access during your journey so unfortunately wi-fi only devices will not work unless you bring your own mobile hotspot.
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How many tickets do I need for my group?

Registration is online so there are no physical tickets. We charge one price for your whole team. We recommend groups of four or less, but there is no actual restriction on the size of your team. If you have a group of five or more, consider breaking into smaller teams and buying multiple entries. All teams can begin simultaneously or starts can be staggered. The game provides full instructions and keeps track of each team's score and time so teams can be automatically ranked on the results page.
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Do you offer group discounts, special events or custom adventures?

Please click the button below to learn more about opportunities and special offers for group participation.

Where do I enter my code?

If you already have a code, click below for assistance from our AI support bots.
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I have an expiring code and I have not used it yet....

Puzzling Adventures do not expire once you have activated them. Register for your adventure before the code expires and log back in to use it at any time in the future. First you need to select a location. Proceed through to the payment page where you can enter your code.
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I'm having trouble logging in...

If you have tried logging in with both your team name (recommended) or alternatively with your e-mail address and have used the forgot password link but still cannot login please do the following: Using the mobile device you wish to use, register for your adventure with a new team name. If you have a code use the same one again. If you have already purchased an adventure through our site and are forced to purchase it again, please let us know by clicking here and we will refund your second purchase immediately.

Can I use multiple devices?

You can login to the same account with multiple devices, but you will only be able to answer questions on the device you login with first. This will be known as the primary device and other logins will not be able to proceed past the location of the primary device.
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I registered for the wrong adventure...

If you used a code simply re-register for the correct adventure and enter the same code again. If you purchased the adventure directly through our site, please let us know by clicking here. If this is urgent, please pay for a new adventure and let us know by clicking here so we can refund your second purchase.
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Where are the pre-game instructions?

When you log in to your adventure, the first set of information will be titled "Pre-game Instructions". Before arriving at the start location, you should read all of this information to the point where you are warned that the game clock is about to start.
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How does the scoring work?

Answers to the questions given are worth 200 points on the first try, 100 on the second, and 50 on the third and final try. If you give the wrong answer three times, the correct answer will be given, you will score zero points, and you will be given your next instruction. Capitalization and punctuation does not matter, but all words must be spelled correctly. For each minute your game clock is running you are deducted five points. For example, after 60 minutes you will have lost 300 points from any points earned by answering questions.
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How do I pause the game?

Only directions and questions are timed and the clock will be displayed in red to show that it is running. If the clock is green the game is paused indefinitely and you are free to take a break for a few minutes, a few days, or as long as you need without your score being affected.
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What happens if I experience a problem?

As our adventures require you to interact with the real world there may be times when a location is unexpectedly unavailable. If this happens please use the report problem button at the bottom of the game page and try to skip the obstacle and continue the adventure. Your score will be corrected once we have processed the report. If you are truly stuck and unable to continue on, please let us know by completing our e-mail form and we will provide a full refund.

I can't take photos...

If you get a black screen on your Apple device you will need to allow your browser access to the camera. Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Camera and enable access for Safari or the browser you are using. You also need to close any apps that use your camera. Click here for instructions.

If your photo takes a long time to upload, reduce the resolution or picture quality in your camera settings.

As a last resort, try rebooting your device.
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Can I play in the dark?

Adventures are best enjoyed during daylight hours, but, unless hours are specified when you purchase, it is possible and more challenging to play in the dark. If an adventure requires you to visit places of business while they are open then these time restrictions will be noted before you purchase.
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Do the questions or route change?

Adventures are regularly updated to keep up with changes in the urban landscape, but, unless noted in the description, the questions and route do not significantly change and so each adventure can only be completed once.
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What happens at the finish?

The game will notify you that your adventure is complete and you will immediately be able to view your rank on the Results page. Unless the adventure desciption states otherwise, you will end either at or close to the starting location. Go to your Profile page to see all the photos you took along the way. Share your experience with your friends and encourage them to play so you can compare your scores for bragging rights. Now try a different Puzzling Adventures™!
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How do I review my adventures?

Log in and select Profile from the menu to see all your adventures. You can view the photos you took by clicking the Camera icon and see your ranking by clicking the Results icon. You can also review an entire adventure by clicking on the Review icon.

How do I download a photo I took on the adventure?

Most devices will automatically save the photos you upload. If your device did not, you can download the photos from our site. Log in and select Profile from the menu. Click on the Camera icon for the adventure you want to view. Click on an individual photo for a full size view. Right click on the photo and select Save as...

In what cities can I do this?

We currently have Puzzling Adventures in over 250 cities across 4 countries.
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